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Arcade Game Machine Buyers Guide

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How To Check The Quality Of Large Game Machine

The quality of the large game machines is mainly different, in appearance quality, accessories quality, and host program and identification.


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1. The quality of the appearance shell:

(1) Knock the shell and listen to the thickness of the sound to distinguish the thickness of the shell (if it is made of iron), it is better to be strong.
(2) If it is wooden, mostly die-casting wood. Can open the case to watch whether the connecting wooden nails are regular. With the law, it is better to expose iron nails.

2. Small accessories:

View whether the button is firm or not. The button is firm, the position is correct, and the function is intact.

3. Host:

The host is preferable. If you need to buy a copy, contact the manufacturer to contact the after-sales service situation.




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