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future police car kids electric car

Customer feedback from Britain

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Square car feedback

Yesterday we received feedback from a British customer regarding a children’s square car. The customer purchased a total of 5 square cars, which are suitable for parent-child interaction and have a CE certificate and guaranteed quality. The customer’s venue is open from morning until evening, and business is very good. The children are queuing up to play, and the customer said they will continue to make purchases.

What is kids electric car?

The square bumper car, also known as an electric scooter, is a small amusement device driven by an electric battery. It is made of two materials: fiberglass and plastic. Fiberglass cars are sturdy and do not fade, but they have fewer lights. Plastic cars have a beautiful appearance and beautiful lighting.

Many children can’t take a step when they see a bumper car. When riding a collision car, it feels like an adult is driving, and the vehicle’s walking route is controlled by the steering wheel. If you want to drive faster, press the accelerator; if you want to stop, press the brake.

The reason why battery colliders are very common on the square is mainly because they are relatively small and easy to move. Every collision car can be controlled by both the remote control and the key. Even the length of running time can be adjusted. Accompanied by beautiful children’s music, deeply loved by gamers

future police car kids electric car

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