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DEAL EXPO 2024, EPARK Achieve Big Success !!!

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The Dubai DEAL EXPO exhibition held from March 5th to 7th, 2024 has just concluded.

Our latest best-selling machines of 2024 “Cut Cat” and “Dazzling Hockey Table” are also on display there. Customers love them so much. Especially the dazzling hockey table, the excellent gaming experience makes every player forget about time and be immersed in the game world.

At this exhibition, accompanied by technical staff and sales staff, we brought the latest popular amusement game machines to show customers our quality, technology, R&D capabilities, and professional team. The eye-catching and high-quality game consoles make our booth the most popular and famous booth in the China Pavilion. Moreover, many of our customers, including old customers and new customers, place orders directly at the exhibition, which gives us a huge confidence boost.

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