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Do You Know Electronic Dart Machine

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What is Electronic Dart Board?

Recently, traditional dart-boards are being replaced with electronic ones which are way ahead in terms of speed and accuracy in terms of score. They are constructed with over a thousand mini holes over the surface. Each time the dart is hit, it will land on a hole, and the score is given based on how close it is to the center.

In a nutshell, an electronic dart machine is non-manual, quick-paced, sophisticated, and very popular. The fame and lime-light are mainly because it increases the range of players. Soft-tipped darts can induce an environmental and friendly approach to the game.


The soft electronic dart board is different from the traditional hard dart board. It is highly safe and not easy to hurt people.

Even if the dart does not point to the dart board, it will not cause damage to the interior decoration and other goods around.

The dart machine is in good-looking shape, it can be placed anywhere. In some ways, it can be a decorative effect.

It is with microcomputer control automatic scoring function. And it is fair competition, people can see clearly at a glance.

It is with a variety of international competitions and a variety of game rules. And it is a lot of fun too.

Many people can compete at the same time, and each one can see their own scores.

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