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EPARK Delivered 20GP + 2*40HQ Cabinets To Stimulate The Game Boom!

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In a notable logistical event, leading gaming and entertainment equipment manufacturer EPARK recently successfully shipped a large number of arcade game consoles to India, bringing a wave of excitement to the country’s gaming community. This transportation covered one 20-foot general container (20GP) and two 40-foot high containers (40HQ), which fully demonstrated EPARK’s leading position in the game industry.

This massive shipment is part of a collaboration between EPARK and the Indian gaming market to meet the country’s growing demand for gaming entertainment. With the rise of digital entertainment, arcade game consoles have regained people’s attention and become an important part of social entertainment and competitive activities. As a leader in the field of game equipment manufacturing, EPARK has been committed to developing an engaging arcade game experience.

In this shipment, 20GP cabinets as well as two 40HQ cabinets are filled with EPARK’s most popular series of arcade game machines. From classic arcade games to modern multi-functional entertainment equipment, EPARK provides a variety of options to meet the tastes and needs of different players.

The Indian gaming community has shown great interest and enthusiasm for this shipment. Driven by arcade game machines, game halls and entertainment centers around the world have welcomed an influx of tourists and players, creating a lively atmosphere. This has also breathed new life into India’s gaming culture, fueling a boom in social interaction and entertainment experiences.

This move by EPARK is seen as an investment in the Indian gaming market, bringing new impetus to the country’s entertainment industry. With the continuous growth of India’s economy and the improvement of digitalization, the field of game entertainment is expected to usher in greater development opportunities. With its excellent game equipment and innovative technology, EPARK will continue to lead the trend of game entertainment on a global scale.

In short, EPARK has successfully shipped a large number of arcade game machines to India, which has stimulated the local game boom and injected new vitality into the entertainment industry in India. This cooperation not only strengthens EPARK’s position in the global game market, but also brings more exciting game experiences to Indian players. As this craze continues, the future of gaming entertainment in India is sure to be even more exciting!


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