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EPARK One Container Shipped To Uruguay

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Today, one 40HQ cabinet filled with arcade games was successfully shipped to Uruguay, attracting the enthusiastic attention of local game enthusiasts.


This 40HQ cabinet is filled with various arcade games from different countries, including VR, boxing machines, air hockey, claw machines, etc. There are also some newly launched games, which have undergone strict screening to ensure that the quality and content of each game can meet the needs of players.

According to industry insiders, the shipment of these arcade games to Uruguay will inject new vitality and momentum into the local gaming market and is expected to become one of the representatives of local gaming culture. At the same time, the arrival of these games will also provide more diverse choices for local game players, allowing them to better enjoy the fun and joy brought by the games.

The shipment of arcade games to Uruguay this time is not only a good thing but also a transmission of happiness and hope. Let’s look forward to the arrival of these classic and new games, and believe that they will bring us more exciting gaming experiences and endless fun in the future.


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