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EPARK Patent Boxing King

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Boxing King Boxer Machine With Prize Vending Option – This unique prize ticket dispensing boxing machine gives players the joy of boxing, but the game also guarantees the winner a prize!

The shape of this cabinet guarantees maximum safety for a player during the game. Bright LED lights attract players to play, play and play! EPARK engineers have followed new trends to make boxers with pleasingly streamlined cabinets, beautiful designs, and safer player construction. It comes with electronics built to last and produces impressive profits in various locations from clubs to pubs and many other public areas. Player scores are displayed on the large LED Display Panel, with many different voice messages and music!

Boxing king


  1. High-quality HD LCD, which shows clear pictures.
  2. Indoor arcade Coin Operate Boxing machine with video.
  3. Attractive design and colorful light inside.
  4. Suitable for amusement parks, game centers, entertainment centers, and so on.

Play Guidance

1, Insert coins and press the start button.
2, Wear boxing gloves and then punch the boxing target.
3, When the target is down, the screen will display the weight of the boxing.
4, Each has 3 rounds. The total weight of 3 punches will also be shown on screen.


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