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EPARK Patent Speed Chariot Racing Simulator

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What is speed chariot?

Speed chariot racing game

Speed Chariot is a children’s racing game machine with 22 inches HD screen and beautiful LED lights. The simulated steering wheel is fashionable and comfortable, with a good feel, providing children with a real racing experience. Equipped with ergonomically designed comfortable seats, allowing children to immerse themselves in games.

In the production of game machines, we have already started to study children’s sensitivity to various elements such as color, shape, light, and shadow. Therefore, the production process is more about allowing children to experience fun in the game, bringing them a shocking and realistic car racing experience. So the racing game machines produced can be said to be extremely distinctive. The game console designed in this way can easily attract children’s attention and make it easier for them to operate in accordance with the game rules.

Play Guidance

1. Insert coins to start the game;
2. Rotate the steering wheel to select the desired car, music, and racing mode and press confirm button;
3. There are 2 mode options for players, for auto mode, players just need to drive the car with gas and brake, and for manual mode, players need to engage the gear.
4. How to drift? Step on the gas to a very high speed, then step the brake pad suddenly, meanwhile, turn the steering wheel right or left quickly.
5. If players arrive at the destination within the given time, will go to the next round, otherwise, the game will restart.


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