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EPARK Shipped One 20GP Cabinet To Germany

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EPARK announced on July 16 that they will fill a 20-foot container and ship arcade games to Germany. This news made German game lovers look forward to it.

EPARK is a professional gaming equipment manufacturer and supplier, they are committed to providing the best gaming experience for global players. The 20-foot shipping container, also known as 20GP, will be carrying EPARK’s most popular arcade games.

This batch of arcade games will include a variety of classics and the latest titles “Just Dance” and “Master of Rhythm”. These games will bring endless fun and entertainment to the gaming community in Germany.

EPARK will ensure that these arcade games are properly protected during shipping. They will take various measures such as packaging and fixing equipment to ensure that the game is not damaged during transportation.

EPARK’s arcade game transport also marks the development and prosperity of the German game market. With the continuous advancement of technology, the game industry is also constantly innovating and developing. As an important part of the game industry, arcade games have always been loved by players.

Game lovers in Germany can’t wait for this batch of arcade games to arrive. They will have the opportunity to relive their childhood memories in these games, or experience the latest gaming technology and innovations.

EPARK’s transport of arcade games will be completed in the near future, and game lovers in Germany will be able to enjoy these wonderful games to their heart’s content. Let us look forward to the arrival of these arcade games and bring more joy and surprises to the German game community!


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