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EPARK Two Containers Shipped To Ukraine

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Two 40HQ Containers Shipped To Ukraine

Yesterday, there was welcome news that two 40HQ cabinets filled with arcade game machines were successfully shipped to Ukraine. This is very good news for those who love gaming. This also shows the close cooperative relationship between China and Ukraine.

This transportation event shows Ukraine’s passion for arcade games and the importance it attaches to gaming culture. This time they are all modern and popular game machines, such as the new ultra boxing, kiddie rides, 4-person speed hockey, and ball thrower bowling machine. Arcade game machines have always been popular among game enthusiasts. They not only allow people to experience the excitement and fun of games but also promote people’s social interaction. The arrival of these gaming machines can be said to be a kind of cultural exchange and sharing, building a bridge for the friendship between the two peoples.

In addition, this transportation event will also promote trade cooperation between China and Ukraine. China has advanced manufacturing technology and complete trade channels, while Ukraine has a vast market and an open attitude to the outside world. This business cooperation will open up a new situation in trade exchanges between the two countries.

In short, the news that the arcade game machines were successfully shipped to Ukraine this time has brought a lot of positive information to people. It demonstrates the exchange and sharing of cultures between China and Ukraine, strengthens the cooperative relationship between the two countries, and has positive significance for promoting friendship and trade between the people.


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