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How To Choose Claw Machine For Your Game Center?

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claw machineHow to choose a claw machine For the amusement park, choosing a good claw machine can get twice the result with half the effort. Through the fine operation, you can get greater benefits and save a lot of unnecessary trouble. So how should the doll machine be chosen?


Preferred quality of the claw machine

The post-maintenance cost of the claw machine is relatively high. If you choose some low-end parts and poor-quality claw machines for the sake of cheapness, there will be various problems during the operation period, and you will suffer unspeakably. The losses caused by the problems in the later period will be greater, and the losses outweigh the gains. The first consideration when choosing a claw machine is stability and excellent quality. The quality of EPARK series claw machines has been tested by the market and recognized by customers. The quality is excellent and stable as always.

Sensitivity experience

Obtaining gifts through claw machines is an experience for players. Players care about gifts, but they enjoy the experience of catching dolls more. Otherwise, they can just buy gifts directly, and there is no need to waste this time to catch jobs. This is mainly reflected in the sensitivity of cranes, buttons, joysticks, etc. If there is a freeze or delay, it will reduce the player’s experience of pleasure.
The EPARK series claw machine adopts the Feiluoli crane kit, which has super high sensitivity and provides the ultimate player experience.

Appearance value

A good-looking doll has the opportunity to attract the attention of consumers. The overall shape of the machine and the degree of fit with the spare parts, and the degree of fit between the whole claw machine and the surrounding environment are very important. First of all, the lights and colors of the claw machine need to be bright and eye-catching and can make the gifts better displayed


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