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How To Choose The Right Naughty Castle Type

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The naughty castle is one of the more popular items in children’s playgrounds. Different types are suitable for children of different ages to play. When choosing a naughty castle, factors such as children’s age, play style and venue size need to be considered. In this blog, I will introduce you how to choose a suitable type of it.

Child’s Age

First, we need to consider the age of the child. According to the age of children, the types of naughty castles are also different. For children aged 3-6, it is suitable to choose a small naughty castle. This kind of naughty castle is usually relatively low, with slides and ball pools, and is mainly used for climbing, sliding and playing with balls. For children aged 7-12, taller, more complex naughty castles are more suitable. This kind of naughty castle usually has multiple slides, climbing, crossing, etc., which are challenging and can exercise children’s physical fitness and coordination ability. In addition, there are some naughty castles suitable for the whole family to play together, which can enhance parent-child interaction and family emotions.

How Children Play

Second, we need to consider how children play. Some children like the thrill and adventure of naughty castles, while others like safe and comfortable play. According to children’s personality and game needs, choose the appropriate type of naughty castle. For example, if children like sliding games, they can choose a naughty castle with multiple slides; if they like to climb and play, they can choose a naughty castle with climbing devices.

Site Size And Shape

Finally, we need to consider site size and shape. The type and size should also be selected according to the venue. Make sure the site can accommodate , but also consider whether its shape is suitable for installing the naughty castle. For example, some indoor playgrounds can only install lower naughty castles due to ceiling height restrictions; while some outdoor venues can install taller naughty castles.

In short, choosing the right type of naughty castle needs to consider many factors, including children’s age, play style, and the size and shape of the venue. When we choose the appropriate type of naughty castle, children can better enjoy the fun of the game, and it is also very helpful for children’s growth and improvement of physical fitness.


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