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How To Distinguish The Sky Net Bumper Car From The Ground Net Bumper Car

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Bumper car

The bumper car is a kind of mobile game facility. Equipment includes bumper car vehicles and an indoor arena. There is an electrified grid on the ceiling. There are small electric bumper cars for passengers to drive. The bumper cars are surrounded by rubber aprons and powered by vertical poles connected to the ceiling. There are usually at most two people in the car, with pedals for acceleration and a steering wheel for steering. Bumper cars are amusement facilities that children and adults like. They are divided into sky net bumper cars, ground net bumper cars, scenic spots, playgrounds, parks, squares, indoor amusement parks, etc. It can be seen everywhere in the venue.

Skynet Bumper Cars

The Skynet bumper car adopts the power supply method of the ceiling and the floor at the same time. Compared with the ground network, it uses 90V power supply, and the ceiling will generate sparks. The management method is the same as the ground network. It is suitable for mobile venues, and there are relatively more customer groups for temple fairs. At present, the sky network is gradually replaced by the 48V ground network, which must be used indoors, and there are fewer and fewer users.

Ground grid bumper car

The ground grid bumper car, also known as the sky-free bumper car, adopts the floor power supply method, the voltage is 48V, the floor is welded with 5MM steel plates, and an insulating plate is added between the two steel plates. No matter where the car is in any position, there is at least one ground grid bumper car. Positive and one negative contact for power supply. Ground grid bumper cars must be operated indoors, and the investment is relatively large. The ground grid bumper car is controlled by the control box, and the music and timing are all managed in the control cabinet. The 380V is transformed into 48V DC through a transformer to supply power to the floor. The operating time is not limited, and the speed is faster than that of the battery. As for the ground grid bumper car, the positive and negative lines run directly under the floor, and conduct electricity directly through the wheels and the floor. The ground grid is generally suitable for scenic spots and playgrounds.

The Difference

  1. Different power supply methods: battery bumper cars rely on lead-acid batteries to transmit current to power the bumper cars, while ground grid bumper cars rely on the floor to conduct electricity, with a voltage of 380V.
  2. Different venues: The battery bumper car has little requirements on the venue, as long as the ground is flat, cement floor, tiles, and marble are all available. The ground grid bumper car needs to lay a special floor and build a shed.
  3. The power is different: the battery bumper car has a speed of 10km per hour, while the ground grid bumper car has a speed of 15km per hour
  4. The cost is different: the investment of battery bumper cars is small, the price of 10 bumper cars does not exceed 60,000, while the investment of ground network bumper cars is about 130,000.

How To Choose The Bumper Car That Suits You depends on your own venue. If it is a park or a large playground, it is best to choose a ground grid, because usually such a place has a large flow of people, and the battery usually runs out of power after 8 hours, and needs to be charged in time. And the ground grid saves the trouble of charging.
2.according to your own financial situation, if you have sufficient funds, you can consider the ground network.
3.if the mobility of the site is relatively large, the battery must be considered, which is easy to move.


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