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How to make money by opening a gashapon machine store

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Guangzhou EPARK focus on indoor entertainment game machine.Our advantage is to provide you with one-stop service. If you want to open a gashapon machine store ,you can contact us.
Here are several advice for you to open a gashapon machine store.
  1. Site selection
    The first step in opening a gashapon machine store is to choose the location of the store. Generally speaking, gashapon machine stores need to choose places with convenient transportation, large flow of people, and active living atmosphere, such as commercial streets, shopping malls, amusement parks, etc. In addition, attention should also be paid to whether the core target group matches the gashapon machine products to ensure customers’ purchasing needs and spending power.
  2. Purchase equipment
    Opening a gashapon machine store requires equipment such as gashapon machines, shelves, card storage cabinets and other display tools. For start-up entrepreneurs who do not have a large amount of funds on hand, they can choose second-hand equipment or rental equipment to start a business. When purchasing equipment, you also need to consider cost factors such as transportation and maintenance.
  3. Product selection
    The core products of the gashapon machine are gashapon balls and gashapon cards. The type and quality of the gashapon have a very important impact on the business lifeline of the store. Entrepreneurs can choose products with better quality and more diverse styles from suppliers according to the situation, and can also develop more flexible sales strategies based on local market consumption levels and demand conditions.
  4. Brand promotion
    Store branding is one of the keys to entrepreneurial success. Promotion can be carried out through social media, physical advertising, independent websites, etc. You can also establish cooperative relationships with local amusement parks, shopping malls, etc., jointly market and promote the brand, and create visibility and reputation advantages in the market.
    In short, the first step to starting your career is choosing the right location. Then, choose a good gashapon machine, choose a good product, and then carry out brand promotion, create profits and reputation through publicity and sales, gradually develop and expand, and start a entrepreneurial path.
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