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How To Pass The Dance Machine Fruit Ninja

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As a fashionable, sporty and entertaining fitness equipment, dancing machine is one of the most popular sports among young people. Fruit Ninja has become a very popular mobile game and is loved by more and more people.

Fruit Ninja customs clearance suggestions:

Eye-hand coordination and responsiveness

The game rules of Fruit Ninja are very simple, that is, swipe the screen with your finger to chop different fruits that appear. However, this requires us to have high eye-hand coordination and reflexes. Therefore, we can improve our reflexes by practicing regularly and challenging high levels of difficulty.

Identify the type of fruit

In the Fruit Ninja game, different types of fruits have different scores and special functions. We need to quickly distinguish their types and characteristics to achieve the best results.

Use special props and skills

In the game, in addition to cutting fruit, there are many special props and skills that can be used, such as bombs, freezing, lightning and so on. We need to use them flexibly to improve our score and customs clearance ability.

In short, whether it is dance machine or fruit ninja, we need to accumulate experience and skills in order to achieve better results and effects. I hope my advice and experience can be helpful to you.


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