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Know More About Air Hockey Game Machine

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What is Air Hockey?

Air hockey is a table game in which two players try to score points. The components of an air hockey table include a large, friction-reducing playing surface, a rail around it to stop the puck and strikers (paddles) from slipping off, and goals that are slots in the rail at either end. The air is often pumped through multiple tiny holes drilled into the air hockey table’s surface to generate a thin air cushion. In this game, two players attempt to score points by launching a plastic disc into their opponent’s goals using a portable paddle on a surface with little friction.

How to play?

Deposit coins in the inserter to begin the game. The machine will begin the game after the coins have been inserted. Both players try to score the goal by striking the ball into the other player’s goal. The goal-scoring player will lose one point. There is a time limit once the time or score finishes and the game is over. And players get tickets according to the score left.


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