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New Product Cute Cat Claw Machine

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A doll machine, also known as a doll-grabbing machine or doll-grabbing game, is an electronic gaming device that typically consists of a large glass box, gripper, currency slot, etc. Players need to earn a certain amount of game time by depositing coins. During game time, they use a joystick to control the position and timing of the gripper, grab the toy or gift, and successfully drop it out of the game area in order to take it away.
The gameplay of the doll machine is simple, but there are also certain skills and experience requirements. It is necessary to grasp the timing and strength of grasping in order to improve the success rate. At the same time, dolls have also become a popular way of leisure and entertainment, often appearing in game halls, shopping malls, supermarkets, children’s parks, and other places, attracting players of all ages to participate.

This is our new product cut cat claw machine, mainly made of plastic and tempered glass, suitable for one person to play. The banknote and coin dispenser can be installed simultaneously, and the size is L70 * W70 * H190CM


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