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Nigeria–Two 40HQ Containers successfully Shipped

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EPARK successfully loaded two 40HQ Containers for shipment to Nigeria. It consists of gift gaming machines, bowling machines, basketball machines, VR items, etc.

We have a wide range of Gift game machines. The materials used to make these machines are often acrylic, plastic, hardware, or wood. One person can play on gift game machines. These game machines are appropriate for children older than six years old. Coins are used to run every gift game machine. Each machine has different presents depending on the type or design of the machine. The rewards in the majority of our present game machines might be clips, plush toys, balls, candy, etc. We build machines to have an appealing and lovely appearance. Machines are printed in a variety of hues and patterns. All gift gaming machines have CE certifications and are suited for malls, parks, amusement parks, etc.

The basketball machine is a common game at arcades and theme parks that keeps everyone and their kids entertained for hours. The idea of the game is to insert money into the machine and play for a certain number of minutes while selecting basketballs and passing them to the goal. This game has been played for many years at restaurants, arcades, and convenience shops. The accessibility and simplicity of this game have increased its appeal over time.

Our company, EPARK, aims to provide customers with fun and unique arcade game machines. Our products include cutting-edge 9D VR, 5D/7D/9D/12D, XD cinemas, and XD cinemas as well as coin-operated gaming machines, including kid-friendly games, gift machines, and game simulators.

EPRAK continuously upholds the commitment, focus, integrity, professionalism, and inventive entrepreneurial spirit to produce the best goods, achieve the most cost-effective products, give the best service, and provide value for customers.


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