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Suggestions On Layout Of Arcade Game Airport

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The layout of an arcade gaming venue should be determined by the size of the venue, budget and target audience. During the design process, the following factors need to be considered:

  1. Game type: Different types of games require different field layouts. For example, racing games usually require a relatively spacious and flat field, while shooting games require more obstacles and support points.
  2. Space limitation: If the venue is small, it is necessary to make better use of the space, such as adopting a circular, staggered or multi-layer layout.
  3. Streamline design: The streamline design of the game field is very important to ensure the balance and smoothness of players entering and leaving the game area, and reduce congestion and waiting in line.
  4. Lighting and sound effects: The arcade game venue should have sufficient lighting and sound effects, taking into account aspects such as sensitivity and sound volume.

Based on the above considerations, here are some suggestions that may be useful:

1.Adopt circular layout. This layout is useful when the venue space is small, and can guide players to follow a certain path to play, while reducing congestion and waiting time in line.

2.Choose appropriate lighting and sound design, especially for games with large ups and downs, such as racing games, the layout should take into account changing the perspective of the player from the perspective of the game field, as well as possible sudden changes during the game.

3.Keep the flow of the site simple and coherent, while ensuring that the direction instructions are clear and easy to understand.

4.Provide a comfortable rest area, including a viewing area and a rest area, so that parents and other enthusiasts can rest and watch the game.


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