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Two 40HQ Cabinets Shipped To Pakistan

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On June 17, two 40HQ cabinets were successfully shipped to Pakistan. These cabinets are loaded with a variety of game entertainment equipment, including boxing arcade machines, dancing machines, carousel horses and so on. These devices not only provide entertainment, but also allow players to exercise their body and enhance their reflexes.

The transportation was handled by a professional logistics company. They put the equipment in the cabinet as much as possible to ensure the safety and stability of the transportation. During the transportation, the logistics company also provides sufficient insurance protection to protect the equipment from any damage or loss during transportation.

The arrival of this batch of equipment will bring new vitality and development opportunities to the local entertainment industry in Pakistan. At the same time, it will also allow local young people, especially children and teenagers, to have more healthy and interesting entertainment methods, enrich their spare time life, and promote healthy growth.


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