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5D Electric Cinema

What is 5D Cinema?

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What is a 5D cinema?
5D cinema is developed on the basis of 4D cinema. 4D cinema is a combination of 4D special effects seats and 3D traditional movies. The 4D theater only has dynamic chairs and few special effects. Compared with other types of cinemas, 5D cinemas have high technical content, prominent themes, and powerful picture features. As the demand for the entertainment market continues to increase, the development of video entertainment technology continues to advance. In the past, audiences in some 4D theaters could only experience effects such as vibration, drops, rain, and scratches. However, through 5D theaters, audiences can now experience new Unique features, touch and feel effects such as smoke, water, snow, bubbles, smell, lightning, leg touch, photo snapshot system and more.

5D Electric Cinema

5D dynamic seat
The 5D cinema seat is assembled from 6 hydraulic cylinders, 2 iron platforms, engine, control unit and air cooler. With different combinations of the up and down movements of the six cylinders, the upper platform moves to six degrees of freedom: X, Y, Z, α, β, and γ to simulate the real world. In fact, in addition to 6 degrees of freedom, the platform also adds 8 movement directions such as left front, left rear, and right front (seat effects: water, leg sweep, vibration, face wind, ear wind, push back)
Currently, there are three types of power seats: hydraulic seats, electric seats and pneumatic seats.

5D special effects system
5D special effects: smoke, bubbles, lightning, rain, snow, leg sweep, wind, flame (fire), bottom vibration, back vibration, bottom punching, back punching, air on face, water on face. The seats usually move according to the movie story. The seats include five special effects controlled by the computer: falling, vibration, wind, rain, leg slap, and other special effects integrated into 3D movies, such as: smoke, rain, lightning, and bubbles. The presentation of , smells, scenery, and characters mobilizes all the audience’s perception systems and allows you to truly enter the plot. The combination of movie plots and special effects in the above 4D movies makes the audience feel that the scene is very close, and obtains a full range of experience from the aspects of vision, hearing, touch, smell, etc., taking you into a movie environment where you can feel the real world. This is A 4D movie with unique performance effects. A very popular style now around the world.

5D special-shaped screen
From a visual point of view, the picture structure of the 5D theater is a cylindrical round screen three-dimensional image. The screen is an arc with the center of a semicircle, not a flat surface (flat screen). The aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9, which can widely expand the range of movement of 3D objects and the horizon, get rid of the constraints of flat vision, make the movie space similar to the real space, and can produce various movement modes such as crossover and surround, thus producing changes in space and time. a feeling of. (Unlike “planar quadrilateral” – not only limits the viewer’s perspective, but also limits the direction of movement of objects.)

5D projection system
Let the audience participate in the movie. You are not only an audience, but also a participant.

5D sound system
Made of high quality acoustic materials. The 5D cinema sound system consists of a multi-channel surround sound system. 5.1 systems provide sound to enhance ambient sound effects. The design and production of the 5D multi-channel surround sound system fully takes into account the stereoscopic movies in the 5D cinema, which can accurately locate moving objects and combine the sound with the 5D movie stereoscopically to form a real three-dimensional sense of space.

5D stereoscopic glasses
In order to allow viewers to enjoy 3D movies, we specially design and manufacture cylindrical polarized glasses for watching 3D movies (referred to as “stereoscopic glasses”), which enable the viewer’s left and right eyes to produce different movie images, making the images reflect in people. The brain is a 3D image, thus creating an immersive scene of three-dimensional visual space.

5D computer control system
To ensure that the above elements are achieved, a computer is required to control all functions. The computer is the core of the 4D cinema. All software and programs need to be integrated into the computer to ensure that every function occurs. The movie must be programmed according to the computer, and then the computer sets the accurate time to perform such as sound projection, producing all special effects, etc. .


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