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What is a children’s sand table?

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Every child wants to belong to his own toy, and sand is a natural gift given to the child because of nature, because playing sand is safer. The era of playing sand by the river has become a past style. Where does the children in big cities play sand? In view of this, the prodigy played a new type of amusement equipment space and sand table, including whale sand tables, castle sand tables, animal style sand tables.

Children’s park facilities Space sand table is a toy with excellent creativity, which can evoke the nature of children’s love to play with sand. The space sand table is fun and diverse. Children pile up different shapes through different molds, fully mobilize their imagination, make their favorite shapes, and at the same time make up for the lack of nature in children in modern cities.

The space sand table is a very popular handmade amusement project in the children’s park, with the following characteristics.

Fun: The space sand table is equipped with more than 200 toys, which gives children a lot of room for children, and can use their imagination.

Interactivity: Imitation and learning are the basis of human progress. This is especially obvious in children. They like to do the same thing as parents, so the space sand table is a kind of parent-child amusement facility. Parents and children build games together to enhance Parent-child feelings, children grow up healthy and happy.

Safety: Using natural space sand, non-toxic, odorless, and colorless, with a real beach experience, letting children love it.

Use venues: indoor parks, playgrounds, supermarkets, shopping centers, schools, kindergartens, etc.

Suitable for the crowd: over 2 years old

Players can choose their favorite model props to make interesting shapes, and they can also freely use the shape of the desired shape to make the shape of the desired manual. Children’s thinking, senses, concepts, etc. are divergent. They have three -dimensional three -dimensional graphics in their minds through the continuous touch and knocking of children’s space on the beautiful sand table to comply with children’s four-dimensional way.


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